Guidelines for treating IS

Infantile Spasms is rare, affecting fewer than 2500 patients each year in the US, most in the first year of life; however, it's a catastrophic condition for which there is a need to identify, diagnose, and treat early.4


According to the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) and Child Neurology Society (CNS) guidelines, treatment success should be measured by the elimination of both spasms and hypsarrhythmia.5

Clusters of myoclonic and tonic seizures6
Hypsarrhythmic EEG pattern5

Helpful Resources

Assistance for parents and caregivers

Materials to help your practice train and prepare parents and caregivers on the use of Acthar Gel for a child with IS.

Acthar Referral Form

Download, complete, and fax the Referral Form to order Acthar Gel for your appropriate patients.

Reimbursement support and financial assistance

Patients can get individualized support from Case Managers at the Acthar Patient Support Team, including help during the insurance approval process and finding financial assistance options.