In addition to the injection training guides, you may find these materials useful to provide to your patients’ families when prescribing Acthar Gel (also available on the caregiver site).

Caregiver Injection Training and Starter Kit

The starter kit contains materials to help parents or caregivers maintain their baby's treatment with Acthar Gel:

  • Comprehensive caregiver brochure about IS and Acthar Gel
  • Step-by-step injection training guide with preparation, injection, and storage details
  • Treatment calendar to help keep track of injections

To obtain this kit, request a sales specialist visit to your office.

Caregiver Brochure

The Caregiver Brochure describes the causes and effects of IS, and explains Acthar Gel and what to expect while using Acthar Gel.

Download Brochure

The Acthar Gel Treatment Calendar

The Acthar Gel Treatment Calendar allows caregivers to keep track of a child’s treatment schedule and progress. It tracks AM/PM injections, the dosage, and injection sites over the 2-week dosing regimen and 2-week taper.

Download Treatment Calendar

Injection Training Guide

Step-by-Step Injection Training Guide for preparation, injection, and storage and disposal.

Download Injection Guide

Helpful Resources

Take the guesswork out of dosing Acthar Gel for IS

From per-injection volume to number of vials, our calculator simplifies the process.

Acthar Referral Form

Download, complete, and fax the Referral Form to order Acthar Gel for your appropriate patients.

Stop IS across all etiologies2,3

Efficacious in symptomatic (including TS) and cryptogenic IS cases.2,3