The path to getting your patient started on Acthar Gel begins when you reach a definitive diagnosis of IS. You’ll want to start by reviewing the information about physician referrals and reimbursement support.

Although most patients are in the hospital for approximately the first week of treatment with Acthar Gel, the process of confirming coverage for the drug and giving injection training to the parents or caregivers continues during that time.

It’s imperative that your office staff provide complete information on all forms and remain available and responsive by phone until the shipment of Acthar Gel reaches the patient’s parent or caregiver. Any delays in exchanging information can delay the patient’s access to the drug.

Physician referrals

Expediting the process starts with submitting a completed Acthar Referral Form and sending it to the Patient Support Team.

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Helpful Resources

Request a rep visit

Contact your Acthar Gel sales specialist.

Acthar Referral Form

Download, complete, and fax the Referral Form to order Acthar Gel for your appropriate patients.

Caregiver Injection Training and Starter Kit

Information about Infantile Spasms and how to inject Acthar Gel.